SRK Completes Commission for Oman Public Authority for Mining


SRK ES, in conjunction with SRK Consulting (UK), Wood Mackenzie and Mayer Brown International, have recently completed a high profile commission for the Public Authority for Mining (PAM) in Oman to outline a mining industry strategy as part of the nation's 9th five year plan. This programme involved a detailed assessment of the current Omani mining industry, the country's mineral prospectivity and future development requirements for various commodity groups. The overarching aim has been to define a strategy for future economic growth through environmental and socially sustainable practices. 

The strategy focuses on GDP growth through targeting, identifying and removing hurdles to project development and by streamlining the industry using international benchmarks and reporting standards. 

The programme also involved the assessment of the Authority's opportunities for optimisation of licensing, reporting and mining industry management and administration. Governmental and national mining capacity building objectives were also set to improve mining focused education in Oman and the overall image of the mining sector. 

As PAM and the Oman government move into the implementation phase of the strategy, SRK ES looks forward to growth and renewed interest in exploration and mining across the Sultanate. 


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