Minerals Strategy

Looking beyond the immediate season of fieldwork is critical to the longevity of exploration projects. Governments too can benefit from consulting explorers in developing new minerals legislation and attracting international investment.

In recent years SRK Exploration has been providing advice to a number of govenmental organissations as part of exploration and mining sector development initiatives. This has covered a wide range of subjects related to the responsible development of the minerals sector and building human, financial, and innovative capabilities to support long-term excellence;

  • Prospectivity analysis and ranking of exploraiton assets;
  • Investment promotion of mineral assets and the country as a prospective destination for exploration;
  • Regulatory climate assessment and discussion of modification to mining legislation to enhance appeal to international investors;
  • Improving data management, particularly in geological archives and licensing cadastres;
  • Training of national geological survey staff in international best practice and reporting guidelines;
  • Advice on inclusion and formalising artisanal mining mindful of social and environmental sustainability needs.



Strategy. Planning. Advice. Promotion. Tenders. Development Framework. Portfolio Marketing. Capacity Building. Negotiation.

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