SRK Consulting places first on top 25 list of reports on the mining sector

Andrew Van Zyl - Interviewed by
Monday, December 10, 2018
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South African mining consultancy SRK Consulting has topped the RSC Mineral Intelligence top 25 list for the best reports on the mining sector across the globe. Partner at the firm, Andrew van Zyl attributes SRK’s sustained spell at the top to its independence as an analysis and consultancy firm.

Mining is among the most central segments of the South African economy, much like a number of economies across the globe. A global dip in the prices of commodities and precious metals in recent years has caused a dip in revenues and market capitalisation for the international mining industry.


Feature Author

Andrew Van Zyl


  • Mine and project valuation;
  • Mining conventions;
  • Economics;
  • Recent valuations greater than $ 1 billion for chrome, copper and Gold;
  • Technical adviisor to the Government of Cameroon for the Mbalam Mining Convention and rail and port concessions.


Andrew has been involved in the fields of Mining and Engineering.  His expertise includes

  • Technical advice during mining convention negotiations;
  • Financial/techno-economic modelling;
  • Exchange rates and macroeconomics;
  • Research and reporting;
  • Precious and base metals due diligence;
  • Project management (managing tenders, the detailed design of processes and equipment, estimation, the procurement and erection of the equipment and have managed the cold and hot commissioning of process plants;
  • Tender management (analysis of project financials and risk);
  • General management (developing, budgeting, marketing and completing projects);
  • Quantitative analysis including model development and strategic analysis;
  • Process engineering and commissioning experience;
  • Operation of process plants, including a rapid train loading terminal.
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