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Operational Health, Safety and Security

Health, safety and security is paramount when travelling, working and living in the remote and resource poor environments where exploration takes place.

Mineral exploration is increasingly focussing on remote and resource poor environments as geographically accessible projects are exhausted and the search for minerals moves away from geopolitically "safe" regions.

SRK Exploration is able to work with clients to develop security management frameworks that reflect the organisational structures and resources available in project areas.  We can provide detailed security threat and risk assessments (STRA) at both country level and local scale to help protect staff traveling between sites and undertaking exploration fieldwork.  From this assessment, specific security, contingency and evacuation plans, and standard operating procedures can be designed.  SRK Exploration's security advisors can also conduct short site visits accompanying clients, or embed security managers within a project for longer durations.

SRK Exploration has extensive experience of implementing health and safety systems in grassroots projects as well as auditing and upgrading of existing operations to internationally recognised Occupational Health and Safety standards.

Tailor-made training programmes, specific to the operational risks of a project area, can be provided to clients covering the following topics;

  • personal travel safety
  • first aid and travel health
  • vehicle travel in rural areas and dealing with legal/illegal checkpoints
  • situational awareness in regions of increased security threat
  • emergency evacuation procedures
  • kidnap mitigation and hostage survival
  • vehicle operations in high risk environments
  • security and crisis management for senior managers
  • off-road driving and vehicle recovery
  • small boat handling and river operations
  • helicopter and light aircraft operations
  • extreme climate operations



Safety. Risk. Security. Health. Threat. Situational Awareness. Vehicle Operations. Remote First Aid

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