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Project Support

When a project needs more than just technical input, SRK Exploration can coordinate resources to efficiently and effectively support exploration activities.

Establishing an in-country footprint to start an exploration programme is critical to the development success of any project.  This can be challenging and requires significant time, resources, contacts and the technical and regional expertise to deliver. SRK Exploration has a proven track record working in remote locations to set-up of temporary, mobile and permanent 100+ capacity field camps.  The organisation and management of non-geological operations are vital to the functioning of a project.

We can provide;

  • Field camp design and construction
  • Procurement of materials and supply chain management
  • Logistics and vehicle fleet management
  • Human resources and administration
  • Community relations and stakeholder engagement (CSR and SLO)
  • Environmental assessments (through partnership with SRK Consulting)
  • Security assessment and emergency procedures for operations
  • Operational health and safety
  • On-site medical support and first aid training

More information on the operational health, safety and security services and training that SRK Exploration provides can be found here.

SRK ES Project Support Services Statement





Field Camp. Vehicles. Recruitment. Logistics. Communications. CSR. Administration. Procurement. Safety. Security. Medical.

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