Field Services

Providing highly capable field geologists and geophysicists in any environment

SRK Exploration's field services cover the provision of technical expertise and project management on the ground.  This means working on behalf of a client, independently or alongside their geologists, to complete geological fieldwork and advance the project through various exploration tasks.  SRK Exploration can deploy highly experienced geologists, geophysicists and other specialists to establish an "in-country" footprint, train local staff and if necessary lead exploration campaigns on the client's behalf.

SRK Exploration can provide full turn-key project managment in-country if necessary, organising logistics, safety and security, camp construction, local staffing and administration.  This allows the geologists to focus fully on the technical work of finding mineral deposits.

SRK ES Project Coordination Service Statement


SRK ES Geophysics & Remote Sensing
When an exploration manager needs to quickly prioritise regions of large mineral licences for ground work, remote sensing and geophysics are the go-to options.
Successful mineral exploration projects are fundamentally built on the collection of accurate and reliable data by geologists in the field.
SRK ES Drilling
All mineral projects require subsurface exploration to progress, either to test a buried exploration target or to define extensions to mineralisation seen at surface. Samples collected from drilling form the basis of Mineral Resource Estimates.
SRK ES Support Services
When a project needs more than just technical input, SRK Exploration can coordinate resources to efficiently and economically support exploration activities.

Remote Sensing. Mapping. Trenching. Sampling. Geochemistry. Geophysics. Drilling. Logging. QAQC. Logistics. H&S. Security. Administration. Project Coordination.

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