Technical Reporting

Whether it is for internal audit and review, listing on a Stock Exchange or providing investors with an update on the status of your project, SRK Exploration can produce the independent technical report to fit your needs.

Being a consultancy, independent of a project's owners, SRK Exploration is free from conflict of interest and able to provide respected, unbiased advice and recommendations.  We have numerous technical staff that qualify as Competent Persons (CP) and Qualified Persons (QP) as defined by the National Instrument NI 43-101 and JORC Code guidelines respectively.  The principals of these internationally developed quidelines, transparency, materiality and competence, pervade all reports produced by SRK ES, whether or not they are destined for public distribution or internal circulation.

Our technical reports may cover specific phases of work, such as the completion of a soil sampling programme or geophysical survey, or summarise all historical and exploraiton activities, geology and mineralisation in a comprehensive Competent Person's Report CPR). We also have expertise in selecting the most appropriate methods for valuation of different exploration assets and can perform external audits on any aspect of a Client's project.

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