Remote Sensing & Geophysics

When an exploration manager needs to quickly prioritise regions of large mineral licences for ground work, remote sensing and geophysics are the go-to options.

Remote Sensing

Both satellite-based and airborne acquisition of remotely sensed data has become of great importance in recent decades to rapidly appraise large areas of land. Multi- and hyperspectral data has found application in the geological mapping and identification of large deposit alteration systems based on the reflectance spectra of minerals within surface soils and rocks. Digital terrain models derived from steroimagery or synthetic radar are now ubiquitous at various scales and resolutions and LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) is capable of rapidly generating very high resolution terrain models from small aircraft, even through dense forest canopy.

SRK Exploration's remote sensing and GIS team can help decide the best way for remotely sensed data to enhance a mineral project.  We can obtain data from selected provides and produce interpreted geologic and prospectivty maps to narrow down areas for follow-up ground investigation.

SRK ES Remote Sensing Service Statement


SRK Exploration’s geophysicists able to offer consulting and field services tailored to the geology and mineralisation or deposit style that a Client is exploring for.  We can mobilise geophysicists to any location to complete a wide range of ground based surveys including;

  • Magnetics
  • Gravity,
  • Electromagnetic (EM)
  • resistivity
  • Induced Polarisation (IP)
  • Seismic
  • Radiometric
  • Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR). 

We have the expertise to design and coordinate airborne surveys with third party contractors when required, before taking ownership of data for interpretation.

SRK Exploration is committed to utilising geophysical data in conjunction with geological understanding to provide informed, integrated and comprehensive interpretations of mineral deposits.  Because SRK Exploration has highly experienced geologists embedded within the geophysical team, knowledge can be shared and called upon to solve geological ambiguities not resolvable in one dataset alone.

SRK ES Geophysics Service Statement


Multispectral. Hyperspectral. LiDAR. Digital Terrain Model. Magnetic. Electromagnetic. Radiometric. Resistivity. IP. Seismic. Gravity. GPR. 

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