Geological Fieldwork

Successful mineral exploration projects are fundamentally built on the collection of accurate and reliable data by geologists in the field.

To identify mineralisation at the earliest stage of an exploration project, geological mapping is the first fieldwork to be undertaken. SRK Exploration's geologists are well versed in regional and prospect scale mapping and surface sampling, and are able to utilise characteristic alteration, structural and lithological clues to vector in on mineralised systems.

SRK ES Mapping Service Statement

The collection and geochemical analysis of soil, stream sediments and rock chip samples allows subtle spatial anomalies to be identified using both target and indicator/path-finder elements at extremely small concentrations. SRK Exploraiton is able to design the most appropriate sampling programmes for the geological terrane, mineralisation type and surficial weathering profile. This includes careful implementation of sample security and quality assurance and quality control (QAQC) procedures to provide confidence in the results.

SRK ES Geochemistry Service Statement

SRK ES Sampling & QA/QC Service Statement



Mapping. Structural. Alteration. Pitting. Trenching. Stream Sediments. Channel Sampling. Panned Concentrate. QAQC. Chain of Custody

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